My Girl Story: A. Maquay

Anneka Maquay shares her my girl story

My entire life has been a musical stage play! Exposition: Born in Kansas City, MO in May during a great year.

Rising Action: Growing up, my mom kept me busy and had me in everything. Ballet, tap, jazz, gymnastics, cheerleading, singing and acting. I even think I had a piano lesson once or twice. But I was always drawn to the arts.

I performed in musical theater, danced competitively, was a Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader, auditioned for Beyonce and moved to the South to share my passion for the Arts.

Climax: I was exposed to a whole new world when I moved to Atlanta in 2007. Deciding to leave my family was difficult as we are extremely close and always have a good time when we’re together. Moving 817 miles away and not knowing anyone was a Horror Movie! But when I tell you, God know’s exactly what He is doing.. when He speaks to you, obey and keep it moving honey. The other side of that yes is such a gift!

I continued to dance and work in the entertainment industry when I was reconnected with my Philanthropic Sister Shiv’on, who had recently moved to Atlanta and called me with a brilliant idea to create a Non Profit for young girls in need and asked if would I be down to collab. Of course I agreed! A seed was planting and in 2009 we began rebuilding confidence from the sole with our Non-Profit, Show Me Shoes.

Falling Action: My attempt to be a people pleaser, operating out of emotions and seeking validation from others. #fail

Things turned around when I made a commitment to self-love, having confidence from the sole - being in love with my authentic self. (you find out who’s down for the real you, real quick)

I swiftly put that “people pleasing” energy into myself and my super supportive friends and family! I stay close and love the heck out of my circle of love. They encourage and inspire me on a daily. #blessedaf

Denouement: 10 years and some change (literally)

I’m still in Atlanta

Show Me Shoes is almost at our 10 year mark saving soles.

In December 2018, I’ll be celebrating 1-year “on my own” Long story short, I fasted for 2 months, heard Our Creator tell me MOVE in the forms of dreams, other people, app notifications (yes He speaks through those too) and during prayer time. I listened, was obedient, cried in fear, but did it anyway.

On December 1st, I turned in my resignation notice to Cox Media Group with no clue of what my journey would hold other than Show Me Shoes.

It was the biggest leap since moving to Atlanta and the 2nd best decision I’ve made yet. #gratefulAF

I’m 80% Pescatarian trying to go Vegetarian. My diet doesn’t become an issue until I visit KC and eat BBQ and Go Chicken Go) There’s always room for growth and evolution though, right?!

The journey of self-discovery, post working in entertainment most of my adult life, has been life changing and revealed a whole layer of Anneka Maquay that I didn’t even know existed. Hey girl hey!

As others read my #girlstory, I want them to understand that the sooner we can begin to unveil who we are, the sooner we can show up and step into our purpose. And do so, unapologetically.

When people look back at my life, I want them to say “Man, she’s come a long way! I love growth on her! She is a pretty dope individual who planted seeds of love and confidence in a generation that needs that encouragement. G’won girl! Oh - and I’m glad she got over that Peanut M&M addiction. Those acne break outs were not cute!”


A. Maquay