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the my girl stories movement

It's been a little over a month since I launched the #MyGirlStory campaign and I've been super inspired by all of your stories. I'm always eager to see them come in via IG or email. Today's post is highlighting a few stories from fearless women who inspire me.

What Is #MyGirlStory?

#MyGirlStory is a campaign promoting girl power through positive stories. I want to know what advice you would share with your younger self and how that advice impacts you today. It is my hope and prayer that together, we as millennial women can encourage each other and younger generations with our words. Everyone’s story won’t draw massive tears, but some will.

Self-reflection is vital to growth. With #MyGirlStory, we as women will be able to celebrate our gains and triumphs while being transparent about the journey. Keep scrolling to be inspired by other women who have overcome insecurities and launched into greatness.


Britney- 10 Life Lessons

Whether it be to not sweat the small stuff or to focus on your goals no matter what – there are always things we wish we knew then that we know now. One of the main reason I wanted to join Jasmine on her campaign is because even though I can’t go back in time and tell the younger me these things, I can share what I’ve learned for someone who might need to hear it. Read more here.


Caitlin- Dealing with Dyslexia 

I've always been outgoing and opinionated, but man did my dyslexia hold me back. I can remember an assignment in middle school where we had to read a Time article and take notes about the article for homework. Sounds easy right? Well, my "notes" where 13 pages, and the article was only 7. Talk about embarrassing. I just didn't know why I would read things and immediately forget what I had read. Until I met with a tutor and they discovered my eye movement was way off when I would read. It was crazy y'all!

One eye would follow the normal flow, while the other would jump back up to the last line I had just read! No wonder I couldn't remember! And my parents where incredibly supportive with tutors and encouraging my creative side. But, I was made to feel like my dyslexia was a crutch. Read more here.

Colbi shares her girl story

Colby- Breaking the Silence

I've always been the type of person that if you do something to me, or speak something I don't agree with I will just shut down completely, or never talk to you again. This passive way of dealing with problems led to years of hurt and frustration. I've lost relationships with friends and family because I chose not to discuss the problem and instead enforce the "silent treatment." 

It was not until recently, I discovered this unhealthy way of dealing with conflict was only hurting myself. The person or persons who had done wrong to me continues living, which made me even more upset, because they were unaware of how they've made me feel. Read more here.

How to Join #MyGirlStory

Joining is simple. Purchase a Girl tee here and tell your story. Join me in freedom by sharing your #MyGirlStory in the form of a blog post, video or social media post. Once your post is live please leave the live link below.

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